<![CDATA[The Single Mum Bible - Blog]]>Tue, 07 Apr 2020 09:48:58 +1000Weebly<![CDATA[Mum Look After You!]]>Sun, 17 Nov 2019 20:19:45 GMThttp://thesinglemumbible.com.au/blog/look-after-youWe all know single Mum's and any Mum for that matter get more than a little tired from their busy day, being Mum CEO of all things in life.

To start with just a few talents Mum masters at being chief chef, housemaid, executive, choreographer, taxi driver, nurse, doctor, counsellor, teacher and generally superwoman.  Mum while you are busy doing all that and more, remember to take time out to look after you!

Mum when you need to treat yourself, make time for you, yes you must and you should. Do something you love or just something to relax you and what better way than to lay back, relax and indulge in a big foamy bubble bath, with your favourite drink of  course! Get those scented candles burning and soap yourself up.

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When you need to freshen up and brighten your outlook, treat yourself nice
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Ed: The Single Mum Bible.
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Inspirations - The Single Mum Bible.
Inspirations - The Single Mum Bible. When life gets messy, know that you made your mark in this world.
I would like to thank my daughter who inspired this website, it was meant for her but she is currently busy being superwoman and single handedly raising her children. So here's a daughter, Mum, Granddaughter and Nanna, all rolled into one taking the reins and standing in.

This gal has been a single mum for a time, so yes been there, done that, keeping this end up and pushing on. Keeping this dream alive until her daughter has a chance to really breathe and dive into her passion of writing, amongst other latent desires.

Meanwhile, our creation was born, which also inspired our first event into self publishing, our baby, our book. It's a jotter/reminder/visual/inspirational everything all rolled into one.

Inspirations-The Single Mum Bible 
Was created for Mum's who every now and then, need reminding of what really matters in this crazy busy life.
  • Stop, breathe, smell the roses.
  • Enjoy the sun on your face.
  • Smile just because you can.
  • Love your children always.
  • Never miss those sweet times when they bring you a daisy, stop, smell it, appreciate their beautiful big hearts and thank god for our children.
  • Our Children make life worth living.
  • Our Children teach us about love and what it is to love.

​This is how our book, Inspirations-The Single Mum Bible was born. It's the Heart that matters.

Ed: The Single Mum Bible

<![CDATA[Wonder Woman In Disguise]]>Thu, 24 Oct 2019 13:18:33 GMThttp://thesinglemumbible.com.au/blog/wonder-woman-in-disguiseBe Inspired - We are not so different after all. 
When all hope is lost, the courageous and valiant keep going. Receive a reminder of the hero you are within and of your worth.​ Melanie Lambert
Wonder Woman In Disguise - By Melanie Lambert. Soft Cover Book. Image: Back Cover. Host: The Single Mum Bible. Buy Now: Shopit Store Australia.
Wonder Woman In Disguise - Written by Author & Poet - Melanie Lambert
I received the inspiration for my first book whilst sailing around the Maltese Islands attending a Feminine Awakening luxury retreat with relationship expert, Sami Wunder. Upon realising they were where the movie, Count of Monte Cristo, was filmed, I was suddenly captivated by the idea that I was living in this story myself. Like Dantes, I felt that I could break out of my metaphoric prison to find my treasure.

Wonder Woman in Disguise is the result!
I realised the poetry I had been writing over the years told a story of transformation just as magical. It describes a defeated heroine on her journey of discovering a rich inner treasure and self-worth. She travelled from despair to hope, suffering to strength, and loneliness to love.

It was my Mother who had been the poet. Yet after her death in 2012, I started weaving words into poems that initially spoke deeply of my trauma, pain and grief. It was unexpected talent that emerged out of nowhere, yet in sharing it with others I realised it had the power to move and inspire. I found the poetry was not just an avenue of self-expression, but one of wise guidance that set me on the path to healing and love.

I published to share my personal story with others in a very brave and vulnerable telling of my trials, in the hope it would inspire others to not give up. After the turmoil of fighting chronic ill health, suicidal thoughts, and hopelessness, the pinnacle reached was attaining inner peace and meeting a wonderful man.

I do not just write poetry. I have a vivid imagination, having written many fictional short stories and been an aspiring author since my teen years, inspired first by my foster mother. My passion is for fantasy, crime fiction and more than a dash of romance. My favourite author of all time is Agatha Christie. For the best character, I vote for Lisbeth Salander in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Of course, my favourite story of all is The Count of Monte Cristo and the romance of Beauty and the Beast. 

My day job is as a shift worker, where my days are sometimes nights. It doesn’t stop me from keeping the magic of wonder alive in my imagination and in my writing, regularly sharing blogs and short stories, whilst creating my first novel.

An avid reader, gym enthusiast and happiest-at-home introvert, I think my sensitivity is a gift and a curse, yet it gives me a deep insight into the hearts of others. I am still 21 inside, with a grown-up daughter who has left the nest. My recent adventure to find fairy-tale true love has been rewarded and I live with my superhero soul-mate in Australia and we both love to travel overseas.

Keep an eye out for my next venture into publishing fiction. 

Reviews - Wonder Woman In Disguise - By Melanie Lambert 

"This book is inspiring for anyone to read who is going through or has gone through hardship. 10/10 a must read! :)"
Caitlin Scarlett Coleman

“I feel like this book could have been written for me... I find these poems accurate about how I am feeling and deeply moving. I read the book quickly, but it is a volume I will return to many times, some poems hitting me particularly powerfully.“
Iseult Murphy, Author of Zoo of the dead and other horrific tales.

“...Although I am not a poems person, I have to say this was one of the best reads I ever had... they made me think and look at my world and the world around me a lot differently.  Thank you for many of the epiphanies that I arrived at after reading your book. I enjoyed it immensely.”
Michael Davis

“... A foreword and preface that is so well written I didn’t want it to end... Thank you for letting me read your story it deserves a place on shelves among its rivals. Well done.”
Victor Paul Scerri

"A testament to beautifully written modern poets. She may have designed these prose to overcome her grief and life situations, but I find resonance in her words in my life. Well worth the read."
Erika Shadow

"Wonder Woman in Disguise is a collection of raw and beautifully honest poems about learning to love yourself from rock bottom. Melanie's poems speak to anyone who's ever gone through grief, depression or failed to see their own self worth. Her words inspire and touch a place inside all of us and most of all they remind us that what we need to find the magic in our lives exists within ourselves. I can't wait to share this book with every woman I know."
S.E. Laughter 

"A deeply courageous act of self-reflection. I went into this book with some reservations as I don't read much poetry. However my hesitation was quickly dispelled by Melanie Lambert's bravery and vision. She reveals herself completely, without filters of any sort. This is the stuff of grief and depression and self-loathing and believe me she takes you there. Having experienced all of these things her words struck a personal chord with me, and I just know it will with most everyone. Luckily she doesn't leave us in the negative as she finds both love and redemption in the latter part of the book. I enjoyed the combination of essay, poetry, and image as well. I hope people get a chance to see her work as it deserves it."
Bart Mann

"Melanie's book is a radiant and beautifully honest glimpse into a journey of grief and self loathing and finding the magic to believe in one self. Within each page I found a journey into my own life, my own tendency to see myself as not worthy of the happiness that I dream of. Wonder Woman in Disguise is raw and vulnerable and yet there is strength in every inspiring poem. I want to read again and share it with everyone I know. We can be our own heroine. There is magic in us all!"
5 star Review on Amazon

“Oh my God! I’ve just received your book and can’t put it down..... awe inspiring! Words escape me.” 

“Hi Melanie... I am writing to thank you for the words of your healing journey. "The wounded warrior " touched my soul &, if I may be so bold, I think that should be framed & hanging in every hospital ward in the country. ❤️❤️❤️” 

"This is my first time reading a collection of poetry. And I can honestly say I’m glad that Melanie’s Book, WONDER WOMAN IN DISGUISE,  is my first. This collection is deeply profound, heart-wrenching, building up to her overcoming and healing within...doing this is incredibly brave. She put herself out there, for all of us to see everything. I was pulled in, especially about her mum. I went through grief when my mom passed, and we had issues as well. This collection had me in tears, mourning the loss of my mom. At the turning point, you do see a shift in how she was gaining strength and love. Therefore, I ended up feeling positive by the end. I recommend this book because everyone has gone through heartbreak.  This collection could help so many people."
T.L. Reigns
<![CDATA[We are all Warrior Women in this Life...]]>Thu, 24 Oct 2019 12:35:47 GMThttp://thesinglemumbible.com.au/blog/we-are-all-warrior-women-in-this-lifeDo we not have to fight for everything in this life?
Yes we do, women fight for their rights no matter what part of this global planet we hail from. We fight for our freedom, our right to be seen and heard, our right to exist, our right to be valued and valued as a valuable contributor to society and we fight to be validated. Why? Because of the age old dogmatist male driven hierarchy aka  /ˈhʌɪərɑːki/ that has ruled this planet since day dot, oh and by the way, no one can really say when that began because even the "experts" have no idea. 
Meaning of Hierarchy according to the google dictionary as follows.
a system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to relative status or authority.
"the initiative was with those lower down in the hierarchy"
pecking order, ranking, grading, ladder, social order, social stratum, social scale, class system

hierarchy (from the Greek hierarkhia, "rule of a high priest", from hierarkhes, "president of sacred rites") is an arrangement of items (objects, names, values, categories, etc.) in which the items are represented as being "above", "below", or "at the same level as" one another. Hierarchy is an important concept in a wide variety of fields, such as philosophymathematicscomputer scienceorganizational theorysystems theory, and the social sciences (especially political philosophy).
A hierarchy can link entities either directly or indirectly, and either vertically or diagonally. The only direct links in a hierarchy, insofar as they are hierarchical, are to one's immediate superior or to one of one's subordinates, although a system that is largely hierarchical can also incorporate alternative hierarchies. Hierarchical links can extend "vertically" upwards or downwards via multiple links in the same direction, following a path. All parts of the hierarchy which are not linked vertically to one another nevertheless can be "horizontally" linked through a path by traveling up the hierarchy to find a common direct or indirect superior, and then down again. This is akin to two co-workers or colleagues; each reports to a common superior, but they have the same relative amount of authority. Organizational forms exist that are both alternative and complementary to hierarchy. Heterarchy is one such form.

Basically, you get the drift...Yes History has it that Women all over the world globally, were rated rather lowly by their self appointed superiors, in fact on the lowest absolute bottom end of the scale. I don't need to tell you how lowly we were rated and valued, because you already know. That recipe my dear, has been passed down for centuries, has it not? From forefather to forefather, down to every man, woman and child as we grow into this dogmatic, narcissistic training ground. Don't blame the men, they are clueless too as they received their training from the same kingdom of rulers, and it wasn't god. It was a brutal, selfish, self enamored male somewhere thousands of years ago who self dubbed himself as some sort of god. Obviously he had far too much wealth of money, not mind, which he most probably stole and cheated his way to get. Off with their heads!

So I say to you women... Fight my ladies, fight for your rights. Don't ever give up, don't give in, don't forget. And most importantly, value yourself, put yourself first, look after you first, only then do you have the capacity to care for or look after others. 

Feed yourself the good stuff. 
  • Food for heart, mind and soul.

Ed: The Single Mum Bible